Message for Charles Holt, Aka Deathwhore

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Message for Charles Holt, Aka Deathwhore

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We received the following message to the tain admin inbox. Since I have no idea how to contact Charles, I thought I'd make it public, hopefully someone that sees this might know.
Jahn Hancock wrote: Trying to get in touch with Charles Holt, Aka Deathwhore
2019-06-23 13:11:59 -0600

Hi! I helped Charles and John Dames work on Assassin (aka Daimyo mod) way back in 1998.. I want to get in touch with him again, but I don't see any way to contact him.

If you wouldn't mind, could you forward my contact info to him?

Jahn Hancock

Tell him I still have all the files from when we worked on the project. Including all the castle pieces and character models.
(I was in charge of the 3d modeling and character animation).

Now that Myth 2 is compatible with Mac OS X (news to me recently), I'd be interested in getting all 5 levels released.
But thats a call that Charles and John would have to make.

Anyway, thank you!
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Re: Message for Charles Holt, Aka Deathwhore

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Did you try...

spot at idcomm dot com

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