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Fear/Loathing Windows Latest

Posted: Mon May 02, 2022 11:34 pm
by Baak
Heya! Great to see that Myth is still keeking after all this time. :D

Seriously... I just loaded Ozone's RipOff plugin and I'm trying to wrap my head around it all...

And just for the heck of it I started opening up the ol' archives - dang!

With that in mind, I'm a bit baffled as I get back into everything as to where to find the very latest Fear & Loathing for Windows. I've got Fear 1.7.1 and Loathing 1.5.1 running in Win10Pro, but I see documentation on my Mac that shows 1.8.0 for each... Could someone please point me in the direction? :)

Also: I found and used UnTag (excellent app!) to dump the tags out of plugins, but I swear I never used this back in the day - but at the same time I am unable to recall how I did this without UnTag - am I just imaginging this?!? Or is it a Windows-only thing? Any enlightenment here would also be greatly appreciated. Going to fiddle with Oak in my free time too just for the heck of it.

I've got 1.8.4 (excellent work all!) and will get the OoH site updated with it as soon as I can remember precisely how I do that too! ;)


P.S. Working on pulling together some of the OoH crew, but doubt we'll get a TWS bunch together this year - but who knows! :D

Re: Fear/Loathing Windows Latest

Posted: Wed May 11, 2022 11:03 pm
by Point
these days oak is an essential download as a tool for making maps... it partially replaces Fear and allows for editing of tags as Amber did. It is also the only way to add detail textures to maps. (notice the grass detail texture) Image links in forums and tain for aps that dont download with the update installers.