Grim's 2-Team Map Pack

by Zak's Mapmaking Team!

Grim once demanded that I create a plugin full of 2 team maps, so there would be greater variety in the Myth World Cup. This is my homage to him.

There are all the major MWC maps in this plugin, with new unit trades, sometimes incorporating a new unit. I have also changed assassin on each map so that teams have statues (like on The Great Divide) to defend instead of mobile units.

Grim's 2 Team Map Pack Credits!

Mesh Credits:

Acts of Cruelty: Creation A Bolstering of Doubt: Waywardone A Broken Javelin: Elijah A Grave Reason to Swim: Ar A Poison Holiday: Toecutter Barbarian Valley: Creation Caer Cadarn: Badlands Thaw Before the Storm: Badlands Creep on the Borderlands: Bungie Dun Caric: Badlands Fosgarach Ruillick: Badlands Grilling Grounds: Soma Hvergelmir: Creation In the Midst: HMP The Chalk Hills: Ar Keep Across the River: Mormith Krakatoa: Malkavian Lichen Unto Death: Badlands Mjila: Malkavian Nure-Onna: Knight Hawk Knuckle of the Oasis: MindFad Quixotism: Vista Cartel Raisin Barn: Ferrex Shuffle off this Mortal Coil: Leadfeather Like Blood Through a Sieve: Malkavian Smells Like _______ in Here: Badlands Stalk on the Borderlands: Stinger Tamaerlin: Malkavian The Barrens: Rohan MoR The Four Leaved Fen: Soma The Great Divide: Badlands When the Trow Comes Around: HMP Zodiac Hillbillies: Knight Hawk

Unit Credits:

Dracona: Creation Troll: Creation Thell Warrior: Creation Boneman: Badlands Wasp: Badlands Forest Giant: Badlands Cavalry: William Wallace Gorlan: Creation Thrall Elite: Creation Gorash: Creation Bre'Unor Shaman: Creation Skrael: Creation