Leagues From Nowhere

by Bungie

Leagues from Nowhere takes Myth II gameplay to new heights.

First, ghols are the most numerous infantry units. En masse their cleavers are a force to be reckoned with, and, if you look closely, you may find some rather explosive things for them to pick up and throw. Dwarves also play a big part on Leagues, but be careful--the fickle desert winds can cause unpredictable results when they throw their grenades.

Leagues from Nowhere is quite possibly the most varied multiplayer map ever created due to the way it changes according to a game's difficulty level. For example, the unit selection in a Timid game is very basic, whereas the unit selection in a Legendary game adds archers, warriors and a warlocks to the mix. Make sure you try all the game types on all the different difficulty levels to experience every aspect of the map.