Myth II (narrated)

by Tireces of The Nine =IX=

ŁN wrote: "This plugin modifies the single player levels of Myth II so that the narration, and story, is brought into the coop environment--ideal for those people who haven't played through the campaign."

So, yup - with this plugin you will hear pre-game narrator while playing coop.

How to use:

Simply drop this plug into "plugins folder" then lunch Myth and activate plugin "IX Myth II (narrated)" You may need to hold shift key when clicking on "use solo levels" to see all of altered levels.

credits: - Fear and Loathing work: Tireces - narrations extracting and converting: Tarous Zars - narrations reconverting and reiplementing: Tireces - fear duplicating mad haxor tips :) : ŁN and Pyro

Special thanks: Tarous Zars, gugusm, Fury, Death's Avatar, ŁN, Pyro, Haravikk, A-Red & Souly - also all members of order of The Nine =IX=( and some other cool people from MariusNet - you know who you are :) ) for beeing still around - you keep me playing this best game ever mates :D