Myth TFL Quicktime Cutscenes

by Bungie

Quicktime versions of the TFL cutscenes, for use with MythII and The Fallen Levels.

To use these files, simply place them in your cutscenes folder. Myth will automatically display them at the correct times when you are playing The Fallen Levels.

Quicktime cutscenes require Myth II 1.7 or higher and are not available on the Mac PPC build. On Windows, Quicktime must be installed for playback to function.

Note: Unlike the Myth II QuickTime Cutscenes, these files were converted from the low resolution, interlaced TFL smacker files. Although great care was taken to achieve the best possible conversion, the image quality is ultimately limited by the source data.

Conversion and encoding by Melekor

Note: As of Jan. 2016, Quicktime for Windows is no longer supported by Apple. We recommend QT Lite as an alternative.