Weirdobodomons 2

by Goft of Midnight Resistance

Weirdobodomons 2 is the sequel to Weirdobodomons, a plugin made by us (Midnight Resistance) that altered Myth 2 units into fun and whacky creations.

In Weirdobodomons 2 we have focused on creating original and interesting attacks.

Some of the features of Weirdobodomons 2 are:

  • Sticky bombs that can stick to units.
  • Guided missiles that home in towards a beacon.
  • Wights that lash units with electric bolts.
  • Poisoned javelins that slowly drain a unit's health.
  • Stygian Knights that cast lightning from the sky.
  • Spiders with automatic machine guns that spray bullets at any unit nearby.

The modified units are those found on Bungie's multiplayer maps. Weirdobodomons 2 can be played on other maps like the solo campaigns but some units may not have been modified.