Myth II 1.8.4 Released!

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Re: Myth II 1.8.4 Released!

Post by Melekor »

bigbro wrote: Sun Aug 29, 2021 4:40 pm Hello,
Thanks for that new update.
FYI, on my W10 setup, Avira just detected a threat (heuristic detection - usually these are false positives) on the updater, freshly downloaded from Project Magma, and quarantined the updater .exe.
Thanks for the report. Although this is the first I hear of it, it looks like this issue has been around for quite a while - 1.7.0 is the last version that has a clean scan. It's not a great situation to have these false positives, but I'm not sure if it's worth the trouble to try to get these guys to fix their databases.

1.8.4: ... /detection
1.8.3: ... /detection
1.8.2: ... /detection
1.8.1: ... /detection
1.8.0: ... /detection
1.7.2: ... /detection
1.7.1: ... /detection
1.7.0: ... /detection <-- last clean version
1.6.0: ... /detection
1.5.1: ... /detection
1.5.0: ... /detection
1.4.3: ... /detection
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Re: Myth II 1.8.4 Released!

Post by CurstAlchemist »

Thanks for all the work you guys have done and continue to do.
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Re: Myth II 1.8.4 Released!

Post by ElRay70K70H »

(Mega)[sup][/sup] Thanks!

I just got my kids playing this. Greeting to any of the Tiny-Dogs that are still around.
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Re: Myth II 1.8.4 Released!

Post by ChrisP »

Had me a hankering for 9 young pigs and 10 loaves of bread, so I decided to play Crow's Bridge. Can't believe it's been 25 years since the first time.

Nice work on 1.8.4. Thanks, Myrd and the rest of Project Magma for keeping the game going.
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