Kyuusaisha: The inventor

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Kyuusaisha: The inventor

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I been doing a play-through so far with Bushido on Normal and this is one bug ive encountered, this list may get edited to be bigger in future

Kyuusaisha: The inventor
When your Tengu go inside the tent to grab the weapons, they flee outside triggering the nearby samurai guarding the tent. Your main objective is not to attack anything hence why the guards are still alive.

Ryoukousha: The Bridge

After defeating, the perusing forces that are after the inventor who is safely across the bridge. You get an in-game cut-scene where your Tengu, Yoshitsune and about 3 regular units form a semi circle (blue unit control). With the rest of your forces controllable. From here the game does not continue and is at a standstill.
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Re: Kyuusaisha: The inventor

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I edited your post to remove your spam link. Please do not post spam links here.

I find it pretty bizarre given the rest of your post seems to be on topic, so I left the rest as-is.
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Re: Kyuusaisha: The inventor

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This is a spambot. Look at the user name.

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