Registering Accounts

Click "Register Account" and fill in the required information. Once you have submitted the information, you will be sent an email with an activation link. Following that link will make your account active, and you may then log in and upload files, post to the forum, write reviews and so on.

The Forums

The Tain's forums share the same database as the Project Magma forums. All that differs between the two is the skin you see depending on where you enter them.

User accounts on The Tain are shared with the forums.

Submitting Files

Once you have created a user account, you are free to upload files to the archive, using the appropriate links. You are required to include a description for every item you submit to be listed on this site. Once the item has been submitted, it will be queued for administrative approval (namely, checking that it includes a readme with your name and email and correct copyright information and does not contain anything illegal or otherwise an abuse of The Tain - see "Terms of Use - Abuse").

Once an item has been approved it will be made visible to the public and available for download and public review.

You may edit your submission while it is pending approval, but doing so after the item has already been posted will result in the change having to be approved again.

Author Accounts vs. User Accounts

The Tain allows users to register "user accounts", which may be used for posting in the forums, writing reviews and general site activities. When a user uploads a file for public download, an "author account" is created for that user, which is intermediate between the file archive and the user account.

This structure allows us to link author accounts to files from the existing archive without the original author registering a user account. This is necessary because many authors have left the community and are unlikely to return to register user accounts in their names. See below for more information regarding linking author accounts to user accounts for existing archives.

Orphaned Files

Unfortunately some of the archived creations within the Tain do not contain information on who created them.

If you are the author of an archived file on the Tain and wish it to be linked to your user account, you can contact the administrators of The Tain, who will then attempt to verify your claim before linking it.

If you happen to know who authored any particular plugins that are hosted on the Tain, but are not the author, you can contact the administration or post on the Tain Forum with the information, and the admins will try to verify this before linking an archive to an author. The author account can then be linked to a user account if the author registers an account at a later date.

If you want to upload a file that you are not the author of, contact the Tain administration in order to determine how to proceed.