Defend The Hill v3.8 [beta]

by Artilheiro

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Hi, this is my first plugin made.

Defend The Hill

Many units have been modified significantly when more armor wear and some have changed movement speed (depending on the unit's weight and amount of armor).

Units that affect the morale of other units have daggers!

1 dagger increases allied team morale by 1

2 daggers increases friendly team morale by 1 and decreases enemy team morale by -1

3 daggers increases the allied team's morale by 2

4 daggers increases the allied team's morale by 2 and decreases enemy team morale by -3

Update Version 3.8

.Various changes mainly made to the Defend The Hill map and Defend The Village.

.Several new units introduced

.Trows now your kicks have a chance to cause 70% confusion,Myrk Giant now your attacks have a chance to cause 40% confusion,Forest Giant now your attacks have a chance to causa 45% confusion.

.Warrior Veteran was changed

Update Version 3.6

.Max zoom increased

.Berserk Area damage reworked, When dealing area damage will deal small damage to adjacent enemy units and deal a large amount of damage to the selected attacked unit.

.Alpine bowman , arrow shooting has been reworked, has a special poisoned arrow.

.Now soulles use poison on the spear.

.Defend The hill map, added several enemy waves, added 2 reinforcements.

.Defend The library map, added reinforcements when running low on units.

.Added warlock of fire,Added Myrmirdon Enraged,Added Myrkiridian Pack mage.

Facts about some units


Warrior: has a lot of armor and can take a lot of damage.

Berserk: is susceptible to damage due to not having armor, they do small area damage due to their huge sword, deal big damage run fast and have a lot of health due to their BESERK lifestyle!

Heron guard: it has similar armor to the warriors a little less due to not using a shield, good for having a little less armor than the warriors they run slightly faster, and for having a weapon in each hand it has a repetition of 2 attacks.

Alpine warrior: they are much faster than warriors because they have light armor, they have a slight increase in health for the region they had to adapt to, as they get low health they get furious attacking faster.

Alpine bowman: they shoot 3 arrows at once, but the accuracy of the arrows is bad, they are slower bo and in the cooldown of each attack of arrows, their daggers attack chance error has been decreased as well as the cooldown between attacks.

Forest giant: Good "Forest" has a special that summons 6 bees into battle.

Bees: Small, fast and ready to defend their home atop the forest giant's foliage.

dwarven mortar: very light armor, a slight health boost, slightly reduced movement speed

skrael: they attack from afar, they are fast and they attack melee too, not bad!

wolf: very fast!! hunting partners of the skrael, they combine a lot in battle, the projects thrown by the skrael go over the wolves and catch the enemies.

Heartguard: the fact that they use spears to throw causes a lot of damage to the enemy, but they take longer to recharge, and they can't attack as far away as archers, they have light armor, they are slow, in melee they have a good maximum distance of attack due to spears.

Fighting villager: they are weak, but they can have a good maximum attack range due to the spears, great to keep in the back line.

Archer villager: They have much less health and are much weaker in general compared to standard archers.

Shaman: they have medium armor, the armor of thick animal skins ensures that it has a chance to block blows, can heal and heal itself, carries 8 heals initially, up to a maximum of 10, when attacking it has 20% to stun the enemy leaving it confused.

Dwarf Axe: It has high resistance to explosions, has scary damage due to its axes, dwarves are known to be professional blacksmiths and good at handling metals very well, making their armor have a chance to block some blows


All Skeletons in general: have resistance to arrows (kinetc), have extreme resistance to fire and electricity, have weakness to explosions

Myrmirdon: has a lot of weakness to fire, has a slight weakness to explosions, has a lot of resistance to electricity, because they have a weapon in each hand they have 2 repeated attacks just like the heronguard.

Ghol Brute: Higher health, higher damage compared to the ghol brothers, but they have slightly reduced movement speed, can throw objects from further away.

Ghasts: More life and faster.

Stygians knight: they have a lot of armor, they have weakness to explosions, their thick armor makes sure they block some hits (units that have heavy armor have a higher block rate than other units that don't have heavy armor such as the shamam and the axe dwarf), the fact that they are souls inside the armor makes them have high speed for the heavy armor they wear, but also not having a flesh and blood body cuts their health in half.

Myrkiridian Hunter: The Life of Prey easy humans and a sedentary life made them having very little health, their blows do much less damage compared to the myrkiridian warrior, but they are very fast, great for attacking dwarves and archers, hehehehe.

. Myrkiridian pack mage, deals damage when attacking with lightning and summons skeletons in the radius, can heal, when it attacks its rays in very close enemies summons 3 skeletons thieves.

Trhall elite: they have armor equivalent to that of the warriors, their attacks have a 25% chance to stun the enemy and make them confused.

Maul: These are tough because you ever imagined facing a giant "ogre" like that in real life? they have light armor and when attacking with superhuman strength they have a 30% chance to stun and confuse the enemy (Hulk Smash!!).

trhalls: They have very light armor.

soulles: damage has been increased due to using wooden stakes instead of arrows, but the maximum attack range has been reduced.

Spider: good spiders, what can I say... well I think this unit deserved more importance in the myth, since a fantasy world like this needs to have giant spiders, it reminds me of lord of the rings, anyway, more life and more speed, a lot of weakness to fire and a slight weakness to explosions.

heartfelt thanks to all the creators of units and other things that made it available for free on website:

My special thanks to Jon God helped me a lot by putting water in my plugin. And to all of the discord myth2 mapmaking channel.

This is a beta, the final version will have 5 maps in total