Traitor of Darkness

by malek of Idiot Map Making Collective

This Was Elijah's first true map for the IdiotCollective. Im unsure of the actual creation date as it predates my entry into the collective. While using Korgath's beautiful colormap Elijah scripted this I was given it recently to improve upon it and to port it to M3 and release it for M2.

This m2 version has little if any modifications as it plays exactly as it was intended.


The Deceiver is not reknown as such without just cause. Only moments after the death of Soulblighter at The Forge of Tharsis, he disappeared from the face of the earth.

Four years went by before his whereabouts was discovered.

It turns out that the Deciever has spent the last four years hidden away in the Valley of Dionisis, a small dip in the Cloudspine Mountains.

There, he has rebuilt an army of the undead.