by gugusm of The Nine =IX=

You, Gallathan the Knight, wake up with your 8 companions in a square room without any door or windows. You don't know who and why imprisoned you here. You can't even recall what had happened before you fell asleep. The only chance for you is to follow some instructions engraved in a stone tablet, which you held in a hand when you awoke. That's how your nightmare begins...

I've been working on this plugin for a very long time and I hope you'll like it, however, it isn't similar to any of already existing solo/coop maps I think. It's rather an experimental plugin (read more in hints) and probably some of players will really enjoy playing it while some other will come to hate it. Although, I'm sure it is worth trying.

It includes new colormaps and artwork, journal, tons of flavors, great music, some heavy scripting, crazy gameplay, new spells and even more! Have fun!

Also, here's the link to the Imprisoned trailer, you can take a look at it before you play:

NOTE: This is version 1.2, I added a link to the trailer and a bug with recharging HG's special has been fixed.

It WORKS under 1.7.1, and there are no HG bugs, everything is explained in the hints, so read them before playing Gabba!!! (no offence of course ;))