Myth Noob - Advice on Where to Start

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Myth Noob - Advice on Where to Start

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Hello everyone,

Complete Myth noob here. I've obtained copies of both Myth TFL and Myth II. So far I have TFL up and running with the 1.5 patch on my a PPC G4 eMac with OSX 10.4.11.

First question: I read in Gamespot's 1997 review that Myth TFL gets a whole lot better when you apply the 1.1 patch. Does 1.5 cover all of the improvements of the previous patches? Or do I need to hunt those previous patches down?

Second question: I understand there is some sort of patch available for Myth II that lets you play the Myth TFL levels within the Myth II game engine. Would anyone recommend skipping the original game outright and starting with the TFL patch for Myth II? I like watching the cut scenes and I'm a bit of a stickler for starting at the beginning, so I'm hesitant to skip TFL, but I'm interested in people's opinions. Do you get to watch the cut scenes with the Myth II TFL patch?
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Re: Myth Noob - Advice on Where to Start

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First: yes, 1.5 covers 1.1. Do not download 1.1

Second: ... -levels-v2
I don't remember if you can watch the cut scenes or not.

As my opinion goes, they're both great games, as of their current updates. If you've already obtained a copy of TFL, enjoy it, play through it. It's not cutting graphics but it still stands out in its own right. I still have my windows ME I play TFL (v1.3) and a few older games on and my windows 7 I play SB on.

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Re: Myth Noob - Advice on Where to Start

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If you wish to play TFL in Myth2, you can do the following. Make sure you have Myth2 updated to the latest version. Download The Fallen Levels which is the TFL campaign for Myth2. You can get the TFL cutscenes and put the individual files in the "cutscenes" folder of your Myth II folder. You can also use the TFL Interface to make the game look more like Myth TFL. The interface is a plugin so put it in "plugins". Make sure the files are there and not in a subfolder where Myth will ignore. In prefs you can switch to that interface. If you want TFL multiplayer maps you can get the MythTFL Multiplayer Mappack. All these are zip files, extract the contents.

Now that you have all that, remember to enabled TFL Gameplay when choosing a level to play. This will enable some changes to the look and feel of the units to be more like Myth TFL. So if you can't run Myth TFL, this is the next best thing.
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