Bushido: Way of the Warrior (Campaign Bug Fix)

by TwiceBorn

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After receiving a couple of popular requests, I present this small bug-fix plugin.

A very simple fix to a game-breaking bug in the second level of the 'Bushido: the Way of the Warrior' campaign.

In the second level 'The Inventor', during a "cutscene", the player's Tengu would autotarget some enemy Samurai guarding the rocket munitions tent, which would result in the player losing the level due to breaking their stealth mission.

In this plugin I have simply moved the Samurai guards a little away from the tent, thereby preventing these unfortunate events.

I have not changed/modified anything else.

Simply use this plugin instead of the original 'Bushido: Way of the Warrior' plugin.

*I have recently tested 'The Inventor' again with this plugin, and the mentioned buggy "cutscene" seems still to be problematic (so save the game a bit before it starts!); some other Samurai guards (by the exit of the camp) decided to murder a couple of my (invisible) Tengu as they ran by; but fortunately, this did not break the level.

-I did not have this issue when I first created this plugin a year or two ago, but I have since updated my Myth 2 from version 1.8.3 to version 1.8.4; perhaps this has somehow altered some mechanics? -Perhaps, I (or someone else) should look into more ways to fix this mess of a "cutscene" at some point.