Chaos (OSX)

by Tarous Zars of Myth Addicts

Chaos is a mapmakers diagnostics tool. You throw it in your Myth folder just like Fear and Loathing, and it will give you tons of information about your local folder.

  • NEW Nothing. I just recompiled it so it works on macOS Sierra

With Chaos you can find: - Objects that are exactly the same. - Projectiles that are not in use. - List of all PRGR's and the tags they point to. - Monsters that aren't linked to by a Unit tag. - List of all projectiles by Class, Damage, or Inertia Types. - Extract a units and artifacts and all of its linking tags in one click. - Extract Scenery with one click. - Using preloaded data tags it can tell you what tags are not used in your maps (Kinda like Dead Tags did). - List which units are linked to which monsters - It is meant to be used in with fear and loathing to help clean up - your map and prevent you from overstepping myths limits.

Duplicate objects Monsters not Linked Projectiles in Projectile Groups Extraction