Chaos v1.0

by Zyros The D.Elf of Muirthemne Militia

Chaos is a map created by Zyros The Dark Elf in an attempt to make one of the ultimate- hopefully The Ultimate- Free For All.

 The mesh takes place in a lush colormap of a mossy-forest scattered with vine-encrusted ruins, and to aptly name the mesh, a winding River in the middle which forms the Chinese Symbol for Chaos.  The mesh isa twelve player FFA with two variations- Chaos, the classic “light” version- Anarchy, the power-unit “dark” version,.and my personal favorite, Pandemonium, a “mix” variation which also stars Mahir.
 The UT is unique from most maps in the sense that it is fair down to the most minute detail.  You can get the same amount of units worth in points as all the other units, that amount being half of your total UT points.  In other words, warriors are worth two, so you can get 18.  Thrall are worth one point, so you can get 36, etc.   This also creates alot more strategy then is usuallly present in the unit trading on most maps, as instead of auto-maxing your Ranged units and favorite melee- with the only variation being how much artillery units (such as dwarves and fetch) to get, weather you should get pus, or extra melee- you have to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of spending too many points on one unit type.  For a balanced party, I would only recommend getting 8-10 out of the 12 maximum archers.  Get twelve archers, and you’ll have superior ranged attacks- but at the expense of weaker melee and/or artillery.  Also, you make the gamble whenever you go to the extreames on a unit type... get twelve archers, and your army will be much more efficiant at turning the enemy into a shambaling pin cusion, but if the enemy likewise decided to get a large amount of, say, Spiders- then the enemey will have no trouble in ankle-biting your yeomen to death with a well-timed sneak-attack bumrush of the eight-legged vermin. Even worse, if the enemy should get excessive Stygian Knights.
   Download it, play it, have fun.  Report any bugs to me please, and try to play this map with alot of other people... since this is a 12 player FFA, we’re gonna need alotta people to push this map to it's full FFA Glory.

-Zyros The Dark Elf