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CWR-MAPS-184 Requires CWR-tagset-184 and myth II version 1.8.4 or newer. All 3rd party Maps should work with an updated version of the Myth II demo patched to 1.8.4 version of myth

MythII Demo

Myth Updater

<<---------o-------o--------o------------->> Credits; NEW CWR MAPS & Units By: PoinT—‹ARMY› Including updated units, maps, items and ideas from: Blue Vs Gray by IronDuke -Project Magma. 1861 CiVIL WAR by CYDONIAN. -CREATION Civil War Between the States by THORAN. HMP, True Peril, TeePens, Van Buren, ChrisP, Yank, WildWest, Mazz & Bungie.
detail textures ARMY MUNITIONS FACTORY & myth community. alt text <<---------o--------------o----o------------->>

 Civil War Reloaded began about the time Blue vs Gray was being developed.  Fortunately Iron duke and magma did a great job developing a comprehensive Civil war experience, so my version was shelved, after some time and plenty of blue vs gray battles it came to life. And now here another decade later its time for another small update to the Myth Civil war Reloaded experience. 1.8 feature additions include the use of leadership morale and inventory and Enjoy and thanks to project Magma for all the additions and updates to the game engine. 

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The forces of Dark have returned you go out and kick their arse across some somewhat historically interpreted battle maps!

    00 West Point               Intro- Creates Heroes       
01 Fort sumter                  April 12 1861-enter veterans -  
02  Bull Run one                    July 21 1861                                           
03  Fort Donelson                           February 11–16 1862        
04  Shiloh/hornets nest                     April 6–7, 1862           
05  Honor Taken                                 April 16, 1862              
06  A better day to fight       July 1862               
07 Bull Run Second Manassas     August 28–30 1962         
08 Harpers Ferry            September 12–15 1862                                        
09 Sharpsburg  Antetum          September 17 1862       
10  Entrenched              September 1862          
11  Fredriksburg 1                      December 13, 1862           
12  Field of Battle             January 1863             
13  Chancelorsville                 May 1–6, 1863             
14  Fredriksburg 2nd            May 3 1863
15  Vicksburg           May  19, 1863
16  Brandy wine station         June 9th 1863
17  Deer Creek Valley               June 15, 1863
18  Gettysburg   day 1              July 1–3, 1863
19   Devils Den (Little Flat top)   July 2, 1863
20  Gettys burg day 2               July 2, 1863
21  Gettysburg day 3            July 3, 1863
22  Devils back bone            September 1, 1863
23  Wilderness (chancelorsville)    May 15, 1864
24  A better Day to die             June 1864
25  Till Death Takes Hold       September 19, 1864
26  Fort Mazarin                         November  29, 1864
27  Fires of Myth               December 7th, 1864
28  The final battle            May 13th, 1865
    29  Field of battle             July 4th, 1865

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<<--o--X-CWR -Mythical solos campaign---x---o->>

Basically the same as The myth II Soulblighter campaign with a few adjustments for civil war...
Veterans are more prevalent and you will have some both easy and hard fights with CWR active…(not all will work with demo)

<<---o--CWR -BG----Multiplayer Maps---x---o--->>

BG-Call to Arms-S2                          A Better Day to Die -S2  -Point
BG-Swamp of Peril-S2  -True Perill                  A Better Day to Fight-S2 -Point
BG-Antetum Town-S2   -HMP                       Assault & Battery-S2 -Point
BG-Antetum--S2  -HMP                            Entrenched-S2 -Point
BG-Rappahanock--S2  -HMP                        Field of Battle 1536x1536-S2 -Point
BG-North vs South--S2  -HMP                     Field of Battle 1792x1792-S2 -Point
BG-N&S Antetum-S2   Iron Duke -Magma                Field of Battle 2048x2048-S2 -Point
SB-Proving Grounds   -Bungie                        Field of Battle 2560x2560-S2 -Point
SB-Sand Between Your Ears   -Bungie             FoB-The Duel-S2 -Point
SB-Snow Creek  -Bungie                      FoB-Fight-S2 -Point
SB-Killing Grounds   -Bungie                        Till Death Takes Hold-S2 -Point
CW-Deer Creek Valley--Cydonian                  Little Big Horn-S2 -Point

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Maps: Tagset is compatible with many CoOp, B32 & WarStories Map plugins. Settings: Use Control Bar inventory or your inventory preferences. Look for other Civil War maps at the alt text

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