Defile On The Dramus 2.2

by The Wolf3

(2.2 Fixes enemy actions and enemies that did nothing) Trap The Deceiver and the remenants of his army and destroy them! From holding off The Deceivers forces to advancing and cornering the enemy, you will be faced with messy frantic battles and intense dream duels.

''Twelve Motion Jeweled Skull says he was last here sixty years ago, fighting alongside the likes of Durak and Turgeïs with Burning Steel. They caught The Deceiver and the remnants of his army in this very defile and here destroyed them.

Today the Dramus River is frozen solid, but back then it was a muddy torrent of melted snow and ice brought on by the eruption of Tharsis. The Deceiver was plunged into the river and swept far downstream, his scepter sinking to the bottom.''

Colormap/pregame: Fury IX, Level Scripting- The Wolf, all credits are due in the readme!