Dreamseedz Multi Pack

by They Might Be Mapmakers

This is the Dreamseedz Multi Pack and Units Tagset.

Dreamseedz tagset takes the beautiful units of the Dreamseedz solo campaign and puts them in an entertaining multiplayer setting. Gameplay is unique, featuring basic units as well as specialized Wizards, making it important to cover your firepower (your Wizard) while persueing normal tactics.

Battle across the familiar Entarguyec Valley setting, swamps, bright valleys, and other strange locations. Utilize fire, flaming stones, and freezing winds to stop your enemies. Fight. Win. Taunt.

Furthermore, the Dreamseedz tagset replaces some normal myth units, allowing for a unique blend of Dreamseedz units and myth units fighting alongside each other. It allows you to fight Soulblighter with your elite team of Brymidorian crossbowmen, or cast burning stones at a group of thrall while on the island on Dead Man's Chest.