Frenzy of the Damned

by Iron of Project Magma

Frenzy of the Damned

Frenzy of the Damned was a co-op made for TFL by Conner of Clan Plaid. Set on the mudpit map, it threw wave after wave of impossible enemies at you, and if you survived that you were rewarded with a trow smackdown.

Although one person beat the plugin on Heroic, and solo at that, there were no recorded Legendary wins after many attempts.

Now the addictive insanity that is Frenzy is coming to Myth II, with a ton of enhancements.

Some features of the new Frenzy:-

  • A beautiful new landscape, scarred by the ravages of the undead.
  • loads of new, hi-res units.
  • fiendish AI, with enemy units dodging arrows, zapping fireballs, shooting then backing off.
  • You enact the fabled showdown between Rabican and Shiver.
  • Tons of replayability, with a variety of meshes including...
    • Ground Zero - A medium difficulty mesh with the backstory of Rabican's dream-duel with Shiver.
    • Ground of Champions - a Five-Legends style of map, with only Rabican, and Archer Hero, a Mortar Hero, two Berserk Heroes and a Heron Hero to tackle the waves of undead.
    • TFL Original Co-op - A faithful port of the original, insanely hard TFL map. The thing about this is that if feels beatable. It sucks you in, waits for an error, then pummels you into the dust :)
    • TFL Hero's Revenge - The second port from TFL. Same setup as the Original Co-op, but this time your units are Heroes. Time to beat up on those fallen!
    • Carpet Bombing Frenzy - Your dark army is surrounded by the Legion. Unleash your fearsome CB skillz to survive the onslaught.
    • SpecialForces 2 - A mesh built for Ozone's upcoming SF2 plugin. Best played with a bunch of friends ;) Note: at the time of writing this, SF2 is not complete however betas of it are available on

The replayability of Frenzy continues into multiplayer gaming. I decided to include two SF2 meshes, one with a five-start FFA mesh emphasizing micro-managed tactics with small forces, the other a two-team map with larger armies. With the broken hills in the center and open terrain surrounding, there is ample scope for wild and exciting carnage!

As this is likely my last contribution to Myth, I'd really like to thank the people I've come to know over the years and who've helped with my various projects. This includes Teepens and all the old members of Smiths of Muirthemne, Khellek, GHOST, lank, Mauglir and other old Renaissance folk, ChrisP, Losk, DeadMan, Grasshopper and Doobie for bringing me into Magma, the ĀµDogs, woof, scrapnjack, Infininight and many others for wonderful memories on the Myth battlefield :)

Frenzy of the Damned Screenshot 1 Frenzy of the Damned Screenshot 2 Frenzy of the Damned Screenshot 3 Frenzy of the Damned Screenshot 4 Frenzy of the Damned Screenshot 5 Frenzy of the Damned Screenshot 6