Fun With Contrails!

by SiliconDream

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Description by Fizbinbn:

This was made by SiliconDream back in June of 1999. It is a brilliant plug-in and was a ground-breaker which has been lost to the sands of time.

This is a very fun plug-in with some cool units. In fact this is one of the most fun and most interesting plug-ins I have played.

Dwarven Minelayers | Thermite Bowmen | Dwarven Dronekeepers | Storm Warlocks

Dwarven Minelayers: Probably the first use of this idea in the Myth game, but laying proximity mines is not all they do. Read on! These little guys drop a mine on the ground with the "T" key. The mine sits for a few seconds, and then arms itself. You can still see it on the ground as a little pixel-dot, surrounded by a small shadow. If a unit walks near the mine, little trails of energy come off the mine (this also warns you when you're too close). When the mine triggers, there is a HUGE explosion. The next thing these little guys do is toss a paralysis bottle instead of a regular Molotov. The bottle breaks, and everything in its field locks-up for a few seconds. Last, these little guys have a dagger attack. When they strike, the dagger paralyzes the target. A pair of these little guys can take-down a large foe this way. Maybe. Incredibly fun unit.

Thermite Bowmen: These are just normal archers, until you hit the "T" key. Then they fire a Thermite arrow. As these arrows fly, bits of burning Thermite drop off them and ignite the ground below, forming a line of flame. Thermite bowmen wear fire-resistant (but not completely fireproof) clothing.

Dwarven Dronekeepers: Instead of launching mortar rounds, these dwarves fire little star-like "attack drones" which chase after their target, firing energy bolts at them. A wonderful effect, and very dangerous to enemy units. The drone dies after a minute or so, but can be picked-up by the Dronekeeper and used again. As a special attack, Dronekeepers can produce an electromagnetic pulse that deactivates all drones within a dozen yards or so. Dronekeepers can swing their mortar like a club at close range, but it's a pretty pathetic attack.

Storm Warlocks: I love these! As their primary attack, these warlocks create a mana-regulated, stationary thundercloud over their target that periodically discharges bolts of lightning at any nearby units. The bolts range from very weak to very powerful. Their special attack is a localized (100-foot radius) windstorm that does no damage but blows airborne projectiles off course and hurls objects on the ground into the air. Fragile objects like corpses may be torn apart by the winds, plants may be uprooted, and explosives may be set off as they're battered against the ground. I have actually killed Wights this way! Storm warlocks use their command over the winds to hover in the air, and can float over steep terrain or deep water. One of my favorite Myth units, ever.

If you actually play these units for a while, you will find that you have to re-think a lot of the Myth gameplay. In many ways, these units create all new games from the old single-player maps and netmaps. It would be great to see these units extracted and put into a scenario.