Ghôl Thrower

by Demosthenes of Idiot Map Making …

This replaces ghôls with the Ghôl Thrower. The difference between a thrower and a normal ghôl, is that the thrower chucks cleavers, has a single molotov throw as a special ability, and costs one point extra in unit trading. Also, it has some new flavor text of my own creation.

I've tried to make this as fair as possible, but you will probably start getting kind of mad when your once mighty thrall start getting mangled by once harmless ghôls :)

Thanks to: - Rama, for testing this thing with me even tho most of the time he just killed himself with the molotovs:) - Lews Therin, for testing this thing with me one time late at night even tho he was dead tired - Clan Idiot, for being the wonderful fools that they are - Bungie, for making this insanely awsome game - Apple, for making the insanely great iMac that I'm typing on right now:)

Please read the enclosed read me for the legal junk and how to contact me and stuff.