GKG Tagset

by Zak's Mapmaking Team!

  • Brigands now only cost 1 point (instead of 2) and have 25% reduced hit points.
  • Bre'Unor now only cost 2 points (instead of 4)
  • Fetch now cost 10 points (instead of 6)
  • Dwarven heroes now cost 10 points (instead of 8)
  • Trow now cost 30 points (instead of 24)
  • Forest Giants now cost 30 (instead of 24). Maps that use the TFL version of the Forest Giant will have it replaced with the Badlands version.
  • Myrk Giants now cost 22 points (instead of 32) and no longer have their ranged throw special attack ability. They also go berserk when only 25% of their health remains.
  • Heron Guards now cost 4 points (instead of 3)
  • Heron Guard Heroes now cost 14 points (instead of 8)
  • Myrkridia now cost 5 points (instead of 4)
  • Wights now cost 5 points (instead of 3) and have 25% increased movement speed (slightly slower than an archer, similar to ghast movement speed) and 25% increased health.
  • Dwarves, Dwarven heroes, and Dwarven mortars now all have a stabbing melee attack which works identically to the archer stabbing attack.
  • All manner of duds (pus, mortar, and bottles) have been removed entirely, even those caused by rain. Chances to bounce remain unchanged.
  • Chance for dwarves to drop lit or unlit bottles upon a "soft death" has been removed entirely.
  • Baron netgame targets have been replaced with the general from Lichen Unto Death

There is some risk that a plugin will have a modified version of these units and the tagset will not take full effect, so please let me know if you encounter this issue so I can correct it.

Thanks to Pyro for solutions to game mechanic issues.