hex tagset [beta]

by hmp

Just adding alpha version for now to make it easier for downloads.

Still in early stages of testing out mechanics.

This is a tagset for reg myth that changes some of the core reg mechanics. The idea is to provide a different gameplay style that is still intuitive. Gameplay will seem somewhat familiar at the surface, but tactics will be very different.

  • All units have a mana/stamina bar. This is used for attacks. Melee units can still attack when stamina is depleted, but attacks will become much less effective.
  • Ranged and artillery units generally are more powerful or longer ranged.
  • Ranged units will target groups by default (shift-click to target single unit)
  • Armor, bleeding effects, slashing/blunt damage mechanics
  • Some new sfx

v0.0.2 - covered more units - now supports most TFL multi units, so should be able to use on most maps that normally require vTFL (notably UTB)

v0.1.5 - Added some TSG units

v0.1.6 - mechanic to help clear debris automatically - balancing