If It Doesn't Move... Kill It!

by DrunkBob

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This is a five player FFA night map with six meshes:

If It Doesn't Move... Kill It!: My original light mesh. Features flameless arrow scripts that remove those laggers on timid and simple and free goodies on Legendary.

If It Doesn't Move... [Dark]: The dark mesh featuring a free warlock on heroic/ legendary, carpeting (!), no wights apparent on the overhead map, and flameless arrow scripts.

If It Doesn't Move... [Deception]: My weird unit set with the likes of mahir, deceivers, myrkridia, and even explosive deer. It sorta works too (!)

If It Doesn't Move... [Dorf Fiesta]: A dorfalious, unit varying at difficulty map. Starts from a slugfest on timid, to an altered Holy Wars on normal, and a whacked out dorf set on legendary.

If It Doesn't Move... [Dorfie Riot]: An eight player all out dwarf war which has units that vary on difficulty levels.

If It Doesn't Move... [Ghol Riotª]: An eight player gholathon with hordes of stuff to throw at each other.

This a complex series of maps! Get help with them ingame by clicking on the tips for the level (like you would for single player). All the major rules and tips are in there! Use them or die in a horrible horrible way.