Milk Man FFA League Map Pack!

by Zak's Mapmaking Team!

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Version 6 Patch Notes: Version 6 Patch Notes: This map pack is an expansion of my earlier compilation called "FFA Map Pack". This includes more maps, a new variant of Dwarf Riot you haven't experienced before, and a new filing system to better choose the map you want in a timely manner.

First and foremost this plugin features an ffa league original/exclusive map called “Dust Bowl” by HMP. I am excited for the new map organization system. Myth bureaucrats everywhere will rejoice as the maps with only vanilla myth units are clearly listed as "TE light, TE dark", and the maps are separated into different plugins based on starting locations. And of course the map names are still color coded based on the type of terrain. Want to play a grassy 4 start with seventh god units? How about a snowy 12 start with vanilla units? Takes 30 seconds to find it. No more digging through 300 maps. New themed maps for those that enjoy 3rd party units! You will find forest maps filled with dangerous swamp trolls, tree changelings, tribal bre'unor, mystical elves, and imperialistic fir'bolg. Or cave maps filled with goblins and dwarves! Ghols vs dwarves!New spellcasters such as the Slayer and Fetch Priestess, with revamped abilities far superior than previous iterations. Magical artifacts available near the center of the map for your dwarf to launch from his mortar, shields that reflect projectiles and drain the life of your enemies! There is even a bizarro journeyman that heals the undead and drains the life from living units Journey to strange new lands where you encounter giant sand serpents reminiscent of Frank Herbert's "Dune" series! They will wreak havoc at map objectives when you least expect it Beautiful canyons such as Ancient Trespass that make you feel like you're battling in the Yosemite Beautiful elven archers that seduce your soldiers to fight against you! Not to mention the REVOLUTIONARY new add-on by HMP: Lich King Play on your favorite maps, as a powerful lich summons a never-ending army in the center of the map. On hunting, harvest the dead for points, with bonus points for slaying the lich! On LMOTH or KOTH battle to the center of the map and destroy the lich in order to claim the objective, or kill the other players to win by default. There is even an innovative custom gametype where each player is given a different objective in order to win. Folks, this is THE.FIRST.MYTH.COOP.FREE.FOR.ALL.HYBRID!!!

Brought to you by the zak mapmaking team: Zak, rabican, cu, ska, shaister, gekko, rza, seeker, milkman, garnish, hmp, and gkg!!!!!!!!

Remember guys, this is a mandatory download for the annual ffa league hosted by milkman

Elf Archer: Creation Gladiators: Revan Ancient Trespass: HMP

Version 5 Patch notes Added: Thaw Before the Storm: Made by Badlands The Tain: A modification of Thaw, made by Zak Fires of Myth: By Point Death's Lagoon: Synapsed Fetch Priestess: Giant of Idiot Mapmaking Collective Fenris: Made by Bungie/Badlands Lizard Man: Giant of Idiot Mapmaking Collective Garlocxian: TMBM Red/Black dragon: Khellek Salamander: Korgath Skrael: Bungie Following Repel Field: Oogabooga

Fixed the ghol bottle bug. Fixed orcan issues. Fixed river of gold scripting issues.

Version 4 Patch notes


Monsoon Bay - hmp Shivers turn - pyro Stoneheart RDF - baak Lichen general Bushido spearmen Orcan Elf mage Elf warrior Goblin soldier Goblin elite Dwarf axeman Northman slave Firbolg huntsman Firbolg mercenary Breunor shaman Gorash Changeling Fang grinder Dwarven airship Jibb Bow of stoning Bow of incandescence Some maps will have new wall textures

Some maps have magical items in the center I changed most of the unit trades with too many types of artillery to make the gameplay more fun. Some maps had 3 forms of artillery + pus + souls + spiders or a trow, and its just too many micro heavy units. The stoneheart RDF map has gates that pop up and down randomly during the game. When Legends Battle is a grassy version of venice, it has stuffed wights that wander aimlessly around the map. They drop various explosive items when hit, so you can farm them with your ghols or kill them near enemies.

An explanation of the new units:

Jibbs are a new type of soulless with a cow skull. They have a special ability like the fir'bolg in this plugin where they can throw a paralysis javelin. Unlike the fir'bolg, its mana based, it doesnt use ammo.

Lichen generals are famous for their cb, but can also be used defensively against mortars and warlocks. They can also pick up lightning swords that will increase their durability and make then god-like in melee fights.

Bushido spearmen seem like an odd choice, but they are capable of stabbing from a longer distance than most melee, or slashing from up close, making them an interesting niche melee that im excited to see in action. At 1 point and their high damage output i expect them to be a popular pick.

Orcans are very similar to bre'unor. They have a bow and arrow attack, but pull out a sword at close range, and move much faster than archers, making them an ideal hit and run unit. Due to their low health and low accuracy projectile, i made them 1 point. I look forward to seeing mobs of orcans harrassing other players.

Elf mages are essentially a ranged journeyman. They have slightly better healing capabilities, and their projectile attack is capable of deflecting other projectiles, giving them that same blocking power that journeymen enjoy. Should see some cool elf mage vs warlock battles!

Goblin soldiers/goblin elites/elven guards/firbolg mercenaries are pretty similar to warriors and berserks. They are not quite the same though, and have an inflated point cost. Im using them on maps where i dont necessarily want melee to be as strong.

Firbolg huntsmen and northman slaves are both 1 point fodder units like thrall. They dont have the same amount of health, and cannot sink underwater, but they have a faster movement and attack speed. Not to mention you can heal them.

The dwarf axeman is a niche melee unit with a strong attack, slow movement speed, and insane resistance to explosives. It should be interesting to see how big fights play out with these guys on maps with morts, locks, and dwarves.

The bre'unor shaman is a very versatile unit. He can heal, he can melee, and his ranged attack is just like fetch lightning but it also sets the ground on fire. For that reason, he has an increased point cost and is only on certain maps.

Changelings are treefolk like the foret giants, but can go underwater as well as climb rocks. They have high health, but are very slow and vulnerable to fire. When they die their corpses cause damage to nearby units.

Gorash is a bre'unor hero with a fast move speed and brutal attack. He is almost like a myrkridian giant in the way he can hit and run, but that said he should be easily focused down and killed when he is out of position.

Ghol heroes are rather large ghols with a brutal melee attack and a mana based special ability where he throws a cluster of explosives.

Dwarven airships are neutral units you may see floating around the map. They are targetable by archers and drop explosives or shoot arrows at anyone who comes too close.

There are 4 magic items on the map. The warlock staff that allows the warlock to shoot 3 small fireballs instead of one. The magic sword that turns the general into Alric. A bow of stoning and a lightning bow.

This map pack is an expansion of my earlier compilation called "FFA Map Pack". This includes more maps, a new variant of Dwarf Riot you haven't experienced before, and a new filing system to better choose the map you want in a timely manner.

Mapmaker Credits: Badlands: Garden of Segesta, Red Sand Black BLood, Gravediggers, Belly of the Beast, Green Acres, Frostbite Bungie: Going to Town, Boil and Bubble, Leagues from Nowher Creation: Blacken my Eye, River of Life, Tokkun Doujou, Ari-Na Senshi, Myth of Gor-Ash, Meibatsu Kosatsu, Peace on the Ramparts, Behind the Library, Yukigassen Cydonian: Pirates!, Worlds Collide Cunbelin and Webscreamer: Wight Falls 2 Darth Bane: Insomnia Demosthenes: Sunburn Ferrex: Raisin Barn fuel: A Calling Ktulu Gandalf MoR: The Sun's Anvil GHOST: Snowfight Giant: Gardens of Aja: GimpMask: Stone Heart, Wasteland Hexographica: Discovery HMP: Whirlwind Krille: Green Hell Korgath: Bloodstone KVLtv: Around the Bend Leadfeather: Rain of the Borogove, Myopia Malkavian: Piled Higher and Deeper Mechjock: How Few Remain, Thank God It's You!, Heaven's Gate Midnight: Distant Sands Omac: Winter of your Discontent Oogabooga: Khuba Dhunmo OrlandoTheAxe: A Shattered Visage Ozone: Carnage Islands remedial: Drearr's Glade, Wanderlust, Grim Dawning, Let Wyrd Sort'em Out, Sticks and Stones rglass: Baron's Backyard Soma: Mixed Blessing, Lost on Ice, Hills of the Crow, The Ritual Site Speckled Jim: Cross on the Borderlands Sleepy Hollow: Thoran They Might Be Mapmakers: Kaelvranpik Swamp, Stinkie's Graveyard Toecutter: Arena Quatro VERSION: Myrkridian Slave Trade Vista Cartel: Bleak Spaces, Picket Fences, A Place to Stand, Moon Shadow Cave, Heart of Darkness, Tallow Abbey Zyros The Dark Elf: Chaos

Unit Credits: Minion: Creation Frost warlock: Creation Boneman: Bungie/Badlands Belial: Sandman, Disc, GHOST Rahab: Sandman, Disc, Ghost Sheep: Fisj Lizard: Cydonian Beetle: Tychomax Monkey: Cydonian Blob: Tychomax Grendel: Tychomax Turtle: Creation Butterfly: Fisj Quape: Creation Dracona: Creation Troll: Creation Wasp: Badlands Bushido Spearman: Creation Elf Mage: Creation Elf Guard: Creation Goblin Soldier: Creation Goblin Elite: Creation Goblin Warg Rider: Creation Dwarves Axeman: Creation Orcan: Creation Northman Slave: Creation Firbolg Huntsman: Creation Firbolg Mercenary: Creation Bre’Unor Shaman: Creation Gorash: Creation Changeling: Creation