Myth II - Diablo


It all started with the fact that I wanted to experiment with the sprite animations from other games. The choice fell on --- "Diablo 1" ....

The long history of the creation of this "giant" lasted for a month, maybe more. In the plug are 16 new units (Black knight is out, he had previously been in vogue "Dream of Death")


  • Magma-Fallen Levels v2
  • Myth II Soulblighter +Plugins that support the standard combat units

In the world of "Myth" have been ported (the name may be different):

[1] UNIT Bowman

Used: Archer, Fir'Bolg, Dark Archers

alt text

[2] UNIT Butcher

Used: Maul

alt text

[3] UNIT Captain (warrior)

Used: 06 Garrick, Warrior Captain

alt text

[4] UNIT Healer

Used: Journeyman

alt text

[5] UNIT Knight

Used: Heron Guard

alt text

[6] UNIT Skeleton

Used: Thrall

alt text

[7] UNIT Skeleton king (Sking)

Used: Gnol, Myrmidon

alt text

[8] UNIT Sorceros

Used: Dwarf, Fetch

alt text

[9] UNIT Succubus

Used: Soulles

alt text

[10] UNIT Thin

Used: Myrkridia

alt text

[11] UNIT Unraven

Used: Shade, Phelot

alt text

[12] UNIT Warrior (mace)

Used: Berserk

alt text

[13] UNIT Warrior (spear)

Used: 06 Warrior, Warrior Covenant

alt text

[14] UNIT Warrior (sword)

Used: Warrior

alt text

[15] UNIT Zombie

Used: Ghast

alt text

[16] UNIT Brigand

Used: Brigand

alt text

[#] UNIT Black Knight

Used: Stygian Knight

alt text


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!Project Magma

!Bungie Software

!Tain community