Myth II Handbook - CD

by Deathwhore

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"The book also includes a CD which is chock-full of goodies as well, so be sure to peruse it when you get a chance."

~ Deathwhore (aka Charles Holt)

Myth II Handbook CD

This is a Zip File of the full, unaltered contents of that CD which shipped with the Myth 2 Handbook.

I'm uploading this for those who have the Handbook, but not the CD, and for those interested in Myth II nostalgia.

Contains easily understood walkthroughs for creating a Multiplay map & some basic scripting in Loathing and the creation of a Mine laying dorf in Fear. Both of which give new mapmakers/unit creators a nice platform from which to build their newly budding map making skills.

Also contains some early films, plugins, artwork, etc etc, of which a full listing of can be found in VinylRakes thread HERE.

All Rights Reserved as outlined within the CD Files. The Myth II Handbook and CD are and remain the creations and intellectual property of Deathwhore aka Charles Holt