Myth III Demo version (Windows)

by Mumbo Jumbo

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  • Version:
    demo version 1.02 (build 150)
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    98.7 MB
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    Mumbo Jumbo
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To celebrate the release of Myth III: The Wolf Age, MumboJumbo and Godgames have posted a combined multiplayer and singleplayer demo.

Singleplayer maps are Tutorial, The Nest and Siege of Llancarfan (unlocks after beating the previous one).

Multiplayer map is only Ramparts. Accommodates 2 to 16 players, from both Light and Dark Armies and includes 7 of Myth III’s 14 multiplayer modes, from Myth’s famous Steal the Bacon mode to a series of new multiplayer options developed by MumboJumbo., and is designed to allow users to tweak their systems in preparation for playing “Myth III: The Wolf Age.”

The demo supports LAN aswell.