Myth Made Cool v1.1F

by Karl Marx

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    Karl Marx
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Myth Made Cool is just like regular Myth II, except it's 641% cooler. That's what science says, and you can't argue with science. If you do, then guess what? That kind of makes you a terrorist.

This plugin changes some stuff a lot but also doesn't change some other stuff much. Three units have new special skills. Or was it four? I can't remember. But if I tell you it'll ruin the surprise. That's a problem because I really want it to be a surprise. So I have to keep you in the dark. Do you think I'm just too lazy to write proper documentation? You think I'm making excuses? WELL GO TO HELL!! I HATE YOUR GUTS! AND THERE'S NO SANTA CLAUS!!!!

(v1.1 had some problems with wights, fetch, and teenage drinking. I think it was sniffing jenkem, too. I always tried to confront v1.1, but it kept changing the subject. Distracting me with tapdance and long division. Eventually I was forced to destroy it, but it was a humane killing. I held its hand, sang a song, told it I loved it. Then as it gazed back, 57 quick axehandles to the face. That was really for the best. It's what Ronald Reagan would do, and he was the Gipper. Are YOU the Gipper? NO. You can't judge me.)