Myth1Soulblighter v1.0

by Jon God


(P.S. I have found I messed up with the original version of this, and the dwarf throwing distance. I was going to replace this version on the Tain, but instead, I realized that this version stays pretty hard, while the fixed version is much easier, so I am leaving this version up. LINK:

Some people like Myth 1, some people like Myth 2, I don't really care to elaborate on why.

Since you can play all of Myth 1 in Myth 2 via Magma's The Fallen Levels, along with a true Myth 1 experience via vTFL/TFL Interface/TFL options. I thought that it would be nice to be able to play the Myth 1 levels with the Myth 2 units, with Myth 2 style physics, archers and all.

I know this will probably make the levels a lot easier, and many 'hardcore' Mythers will look down on this. But I know that people have complained trying to play the Fallen levels after getting used to Myth 2, then going back to Myth 2, and so on. This is for all those people, not people that want an authentic Myth 1 experience.


Put the file, "Myth 1 Soulblighter" in your plugins folder, along with Magma's "The Fallen Levels v2" which can be found at the tain, via this link:

Then start a new game, or a multiplayer coop, go to the plugins screen and activate both plugins, and start a level.


Bungie - For making Myth 1 and Myth 2, and giving us great creation tools. Project Magma - For keeping myth alive after 11 years, and doing so much for Myth. Mariusnet - For giving us a place to play. ThreeTigerSilverWind - For the Idea Pyro - For the help when I needed it. Jon God - For making this, and fixing all the bugs so far. Steel Axe, LegacyThypoon and ThreeTigerSilverWind - Testing

Thanks and Enjoy!