Phoenix Rising

by Bungie

The Heron Guard, freed from the dishonor of failure and depleted after their battles against the Dark, once more opened their ranks to any warriors brave enough to accept the challenge of the Seven Phoenix Rising Tournament. Of the many young soldiers that gathered and dreamed of becoming a member of the most elite fighting force in history, few survived the brutal competition and achieved that ultimate goal. Six emerged from the ash and blood of battle and assumed the mantle of the Heron Guard.Phoenix Rising was carefully crafted to host the final round of the Seven Phoenix Rising Tournament, Bungie's first Myth II tournament.

The six tournament finalists, Thirteen Unicorn Sharp Horns (flatbread), Eleven Frog Slimy Toe (gaia), Seven Mongoose Stalking Prey (kenm), Fourteen Python Slithery Snake (snorpio), Twelve Ferret Fleet Foot (venjance), and Six Coyote White Fang (wedgie), played this final round on the unfamiliar territory of a brand new map, adding to the difficulty and complexity of the games.

The films of the final round games are included in the Phoenix Rising download and are great examples of sophisticated play. To view these films, drag them into the "recordings" folder in your Myth II directory. When you select "Saved Films" in the main Myth II menu, these films will show up in your saved films list.

Phoenix Rising features several gameplay enhancements, using difficulty levels to substantially change game goals. For instance, while there are only a few territories flags on Simple, there are more flags on Legendary, allowing you to select a more customized experience. While there are no unit changes between difficulty levels (save for the addition of a Trow on Phoenix Falling) you are encouraged to experiment and find out which setting you prefer.