Pleasant Valley Sunday

by Cydonian

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"Stormclouds gathered above the K'yahr ruins, once a sacred site of the Fir'Bolg. As thunder rolled across the valley and the first raindrops began to fall, four armies converged at the Evryth Stone. This ancient site of ritual sacrifice would soon see blood once more, but the grim warriors were here this day to worship only the gods of war."

"Pleasant Valley Sunday" has four starting locations, but no Light/Dark variants. It is a single-scenario netmap.

Games: Body Count, Steal the Bacon, Last Man on the Hill, King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, Territories, Stampede (Peasants), and Assassin (Garrick is the target).

"Pleasant Valley Sunday" has an unusual unit set comprised of: Archers, Bre'Unor, Wolves, Heron Guards, Mortar Dwarves, and one moveable Dwarven Mortar Cannon.

The terrain is a multi-leveled valley with land ramps between the impassable cliff areas, and narrow muddy channels radiating from the central mound (the Evryth Stone). Passability of the terrain is somewhat limited to make gameplay a bit more interesting and challenging than on a flat map. Note that there are multiple paths to the center - each team has their own land route, and shares two "water" routes through the muddy trenches. The outer ring of the map is also completely passable.