Real Craters

by lank of Midnight Resistance

Remember in Myth:TFL how the terrain used to bounce when a satchel charge blew up? Were you dissapointed when you realised this didn't happen in Myth 2? Grieve no more! I created this plugin so that the problem would be fixed (almost) forever. This plugin makes the terrain mesh bounce when a satchel charge, mortar or fetch lightning goes off, and on top of that, satchel charges and mortars and the lightning leave holes in the ground when thay do! (I have no idea how this came to be... I only wanted it to bounce!). Now all we need is a golf course map >:)

Have fun.

The effect on the mesh is almost invisible with just one charge or explosion, but when they start piling up on the same spot, it can get a bit exaggerated. (If you have a conversion of the original version of "If I Had A Trow...", turn it on and kill those dwarf heroes with your trow ;) )