Reverse Brigands and Warriors

by Artilheiro

A very simple plugin that changes warriors to brigands and brigands to warriors on the maps where they appear.

This idea came from videos showing brigands being on the light side and warriors being on the dark side, as in the case of the level into the breach where a dwarf appears watching the fortress and there are warriors who are protecting the baron's fortress, And Paris commenting on this in a discord group after I asked myself what it would be like if he exchanged warriors for brigands and brigands for warriors. Paris - "Well what's the stat differences? If you know those, you can predict your test run. I feel you'd have to depend more on artillery, brigs do seem weaker. I feel difficulty would also impact the tests, Salvation could be an interesting run."

In the development of Myth 2, the creators intended to exchange warriors for brigands, but they gave up.