Special Mazz [beta]

by Pfhor

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Back in the day, ChrisP was helping me start a Special Mazz mod. This is a Mazz map for less players with legendary Myth units. You control Soulblighter (with healing powers), Balor (with his lightning strike and healing powers), Deceiver (with a new ranged lightning attack, his sky lightning attack, and his cloudkill spell), Shiver (who can turn units to stone and all her other spells), and of course Mazzarin. Also the enemies are now a lot tougher with hundreds of Trow, quicker unseen Wraiths, endless Myrkridia along with Myrkridia giants that are more dangerous, Shades, and more! Recommended for 3-5 players, though you can play it with less but expect chaos. Please let me know what you think and looking forward to playing with others.

Thanks ChrisP for all your help!