Sticks and Stones 1.1

by Jon God

Note: This plugin requires Jinn.

Sticks and Stones is a fourth party map which utilizes the Jinn Conversion by the Vista Map Making Cartel. It is a 5-start FFA. The map is mostly covered by bright, rolling, green hills and rocky roadways. Jagged rocks and dense foliage surround a muddy river that flows through the maps center. There is a Light and Dark version of the map. Just put the file in your plugin folder and have fun!

  • Remedial

Original plugin

JINN - Sticks and Stones 1.1

Due to Myth II 1.4+ not using 1.3 patch files. the big myth plugins were converted to work with normal plugin files, this fixed not being able to play them any longer.

JINN Sticks and Stones 1.0 was a casualty of this, as the 1.4+ version of JINN had different tags, and wasn't compatible.

After finding this out and securing permission from Remdial, I have released 1.1, which is exactly the same as 1.0, except it loads in newer versions of myth.

-Jon God