Still Life With Warrior

by KVLtv

"The Fruit Loops and batshit bomb:"

"A Woodpecker original. Sugar is an unstable chemical that loves to oxidize as passionately as sulfer does and in much the same way. In preparing this dish think of sugar as sulfer. The components of gunpowder are sulfer, carbon, and saltpeter. Fruit Loops, or any similar breakfast cereal, contains a good deal of sugar and carbon. (Bernard endorses Fruit Loops for bombs. For his morning repast, he prefers Wheaties. With beer.) As for saltpeter (potassium nitrate), batshit is a perfect source. If batshit isunavailable, bird doo will do. The older the guano the better. Aesthetic as well as pragmatic considerations make the fresh wet splat inadvisable. Grind up the Fruit Loops. Mix in the batshit thoroughly. When mixing Fruit Loops and batshit, don't be surprised if you find the color attractive. In fact, you may end up with a clearer understanding of art and it's origins. For that reason, this is the bomb recommended to reviewers and critics. Place the mixture in a container and ignite it. Gunpowder, contrary to what you might expect, is not much of a boomer. The Fruit Loops and batshit bomb won't flatten any buildings, but it makes a marvelous amount of smoke. Certainly it makes more smoke than a pack of Camels. That is, it makes more smoke than a pack of Camels unless... unless the missing race of redheaded Argonians gets it's message accross." -Tom Robbins

This is a sports map, and is for amusement only. The primary reason I made this was for the Rugby, other games are on the map just for the hell of it. If you don't get the parody of the Tom Robbins book... you should visit your local library and ask for "Still Life With Woodpecker" by Tom Robbins. It's very enjoyable reading.