Super Troopers 1.2 [beta]

by ARKAIN101

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    Beta 1.2
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Tag Set by SteelAxe

Each unit that is a part of Myth II (version 1.7) gets a serious attack speed upgrade in this plugin! Including all the original enemy and units, net play, and coop/solo.

Each unit has much faster attack speeds:

  • Melee units strike more quickly at all times. Herons contain 6 heals.

  • Regular Archers shoot as fast (but not as far or accurate) as Archer Heroes. They also each have max fire arrows, 5.

  • Regular Dwarfs toss a just fast enough that by the time on lands, another is being thrown. They also contain 100 satchel charges. Walking time bomb.

  • Warlocks have the ability to shoot about 8 fireballs, with quicker recharge.

The list goes on. The enemy is equally as fierce! Although you may have the upper hand at the beginning of a fight don't let that get to your head, battles are quick and explosive.

Enjoy Myth at a whole new speed!