TFL Mahir

by Icarus6904

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This is an attempted reconstruction/implementation of the Mahir unit that was cut from Myth: The Fallen Lords.

There have been many attempts to do this in the past, but, in my opinion, such attempts did not capture the original look and feel of the unit. As such, the primary goals for this project were:

To make the Mahir entirely tag-based (no scripting)

To avoid altering Bungie's original collections in any way.

To make effective use of all collection sequences in a reasonable and consistent manner.

To design the Mahir with both corporeal and incorporeal states.

To ensure that, whilst incorporeal, the Mahir was not selectable/targetable and was immune to damge/physics.

To ensure that the Mahir could be effectively forced into its vulnerable corporeal state by an exclusively tag based ability.

To ensure that the transition from incorporeal to corporeal was animated and seamless.

All credit goes to Bungie for the the original collection. Obviously, feel free to use this unit in any maps.