The Battle for Urbarahz v1.1

by A-Red

The Battle for Urbarahz

Created by members of Project Magma and the Onyx Warlords.

The Goblins’ seemingly endless host has penetrated the borders and has overrun the lowlands on their march toward the mountain of Urbarahz. Join in the defense of the Dwarven homeland; fighting before, on the slopes and inside the mountain. Will you manage to keep the Goblins at bay?

The Battle for Urbarahz is an excellent ale drinking, axe swinging, highly explosive (sometimes majikal too ;-) ), and carnage filled map pack with 8 levels you won't find anywhere else. TBU features new units, scenery, models, and, of course, colourmaps.

Myth II 1.7 is recommended.

See the included readme for more info.

Version 1.1 Changes:

-On the regular version of Goblin Deluge, the first battle at the bridge is much simpler. The alternate version of the level still has the Elites. -Shoulders of Urbarahz has fewer enemies on Timid. -Return to Urbarahz has fewer extra Orcans on Heroic and Legendary. -The game-stopping Barri bug on Shoulders of Urbarahz has been fixed.