The Chosen

by Orion

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My last creation, since I'm "retiring"- a simple but fun and challenging COOP map. Of course it works fine as a solo, but it makes it even harder. (Hey! it is the level 3 colormap but OH WELL! it's still fun!)

The story- The Dark is marching on the little town of Tallow and it's your job to stop them. (duh) You get warriors, heron guard, zerks, archers, dwarves, and FOREST Giants! (thanks to GodzFire) You also get custom made Andvari, Trahern, Garrick, and Oderic, along with their Heron Guard hero friends. You must destroy the incoming barrage of myrks, thrall, ghasts, wights, fetch, myrk giants, soulless, and a more realistic SOULBLIGHTER!

  1. Find the magical sword for Trahern and it's a hell of lot easier to beat the level.
  2. Setup up your defense before attacking Soulblighter- that gets the circus running.
  3. I put the mortar dwarf in as a key person, so it's harder to win without him.
  4. Trahern has to survive or the game will end.