The Cursed Land

by Mantra

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The Cursed Land

This is a fairly large two team map with somewhat large armies. It probably requires at least 3 people on a team for that team to be effective. (although, during testing we had some fun during crazy one-on-one matches.)

It's gone through a long beta testing period and the beta testers and I had a lot of fun with it.

Check out this link for some screenshots.

Notable Features: - Many new unit flavor texts. - Several new Journeyman names courtesy of the beta testers. (thanks guys!) - Map design featuring both wide open battle fields and numerous choke points as well as unique terrain features to accommodate a wide variety of fighting styles. - Strong assassin target unit balanced with Archer Assassins to provide a slight twist on the Assassin gameplay. - Mortar dwarves available on legendary skill level. - Explosive debris scattered about the battlefield to provide a volatile environment. - A rather large army, make sure to play with enough people. ;-)