The Tragedy of Macbeth

by Graydon

This plugin contains two cinematic levels designed for a grade ten Humanities project I did, in coordination with my classmate Iggy (Ignacio).

The premise was this: We were reading the play 'The Tragedy of Macbeth' by Shakespeare, and after reading the first two acts, we were given an assignment. There were several options (it being a humanities class), some of which included an essay, a ten part picture/caption depiction of any one scene, or if you wanted to partner up, you could act a scene in costume, and then the final option was 'Propose your own idea to Mr. Keast.' I liked this particular option. I was thinking Myth!

So I proposed to do a cinematic re-enactment of the first two scenes from Act 1, scripted into a game engine. He was intrigued. I could naturally create the landscapes and the scripting, but I had no way of hacking sounds. Iggy stepped up to the plate and we made it a joint effort. The project ended up being handed in a month late, but we didn't get docked any marks, cause it's epic.