by remedial.

***This is version 1.1, which fixes some missing netgame targets.

This map has been a long time coming, and I apologize to anyone who has been waiting. I've been distracted for some time, but finally had time to iron out the final details.

This was a refreshing visit to an old hobby, and Im glad to see the Myth community still strong with players and mapmakers alike. Enjoy and happy gaming!

This map has three FFA variants and one two-team option.

  • Wanderlust: The map's headliner features a darker, faster paced unit selection including Forest Giants, Fetch and Warlocks. Use versatile shock units to keep the enemy's artillery on their toes.

  • Wanderlust (Wild Things): I'm still not sure how this 2-team gameplay will pan out, but I was eager to throw a bunch of wild units on this map. This map features primal units such as Fir' Bolg, Bre 'Unor, Wasps and Wolves. Two detachments of wolves and spiders begin ahead of the rest of your forces, use them wisely!

  • Bloodlust: A rather generic light unit selection, with Litch filling the roll of Thrall.

  • Bloodlust (Sluglust): Speaks for itself, Ghasts are added to the mix to turn the tide of melee encounters. Also set to vTFL physics.