WWII Recon Adaptive Addon v2 [beta]

by Isolder

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Map: WWII_Recon_Adaptive_Addon_v2

All content of this plugin is free to use, remake, repackage, etc etc, without permission or credit.

In-game mesh name: WWII Recon Adaptive Patrol

Teams: Up to 12

This is a mesh addition I've made for use in conjunction with "WWII_Recon_Deluxe_v1". It requires the plugin "WWII_Recon_Deluxe_v1" to be loaded to work.

About the Mesh

This mesh is made with heavy influences from the "Adaptive" mesh found in Axis vs Allies. It is on the WWII Recon map originally made by Santa's Head.

I made this so that when people are hosting 2-team or multi-team games they will not have to bother counting players and switching meshes every time someone leaves or joins. The mesh will calculate how many players are on each team and once it determines which team has the highest number of players it will teleport in that many units for each team.

So if you have a team of 4 people, a team of 2 people, and another team of 4 people there will be FOUR units for each team.

The host can exercise some control over how many units there are per team by switching the number of allowed teams. Otherwise, if at least one person joins another person you can be sure there will be at least 2 units per team.

This map has not been fully tested, but I don't see any immediate problems. Hopefully this will get adopted in the next WWII Recon Deluxe update and it will no longer need to be loaded separately.

Thanks for trying it, hope ya enjoy.

March 31, 2010

All stuff is copyright its respective owners that being Bungie, Take Two Interactive, Santa's Head, Ether, toecutter, and everybody else that worked on Myth and/or the recon/deluxe plugs.