1000 Arrows

by Brandon Hex

Read the read me for tips on unlocking specials throughout the game.

True Single player or Gimmicked Two player

For two player, you must hold shift when loading the plug or game (online or offline) to reveal the movie/cheat map. Play that through for the 4 minutes of set up movie and by the end you will have a vet unit. Then play two player mode with vets on and skill level of 1v3, 1v4 or 1v5 to get two units at start.

The game is in stages with 121 stages. At the end of each stage, your unit levels up, heals 100% full and starts back at the same starting point.

You start with 3 extra lives and can earn up to 3 more, as well as 4 nukes. The nukes are activated by taunting anywhere on the map and will trigger a farm wide nuke that kills all enemies in range and heals you while not killing any of your special helper units.

100 regular stages 10 bonus stages 10 boss stages 1 final bonus stage

Stages ending in 1 to 9 are regular 1v1 up to 1v5 per stage. Stages ending in 0 are extra tough and often involved many more enemies to kill. After every 10 rounds, you get a bonus stage. After every bonus stage, you will fight a boss. Then it starts over again with every 10 stages building in difficulty as you yourself level up, gain more speed, health and range while also getting new special arrows at the end of every stage ending in 9.

I tried to make a Myth II plug that is kinda like a stand up arcade game. You get lives, nukes, specials and collect ammo and helpers as you grow in strength as do your enemies with each new stage. Fighting bosses and then the final boss.

Have fun.

There is one glaring BUG. Sometimes, if you get teleported back to the start location having finished a stage successfully but also while ending it being paralyzed, you will know if the graphics bugged. The game will continue but its memory will be eaten up and eventually it will crash. I only found the bug by beta testing and it only triggered that one time, until I tried to make it trigger. Then it often did. However, in otherwise regular beta testing, it never happened again when I was just playing through. Even several times when I was paralyzed during the end of a stage. But it's NOT gone, it just doesn't always trigger. Yes, it can suck if yer at level 99 and this happens. But, it's very rare.

It wouldn't be a Hex plug... if it didn't have errors. I play games other than Myth that crash way more often than this one ever did in all the beta gaming I did for it myself.