AvA 5 (Axis vs Allies) WW2

by Brandon Hex

Axis v Allies 5 (Still Alive)

150 Games Over 30 Maps Army vs. Aliens Co-ops

The classic unit set with updates and new units to bring new excitement to the now 12+ year old game. * 31 Adaptive Games 29 Elimination Games 26 Patrol Games 24 Rogues Wild Games (formerly known as S4) 13 S2 Games 13 Carnage Games 7 Specialty Games 5 Triple Threat Games*

This will be the final version unless major problems need to be resolved. In that case, this is the 1st of a two plug set and the updated version of this plug-in will then be included with the second installment of AvA 5 Still Alive! Due for release in early 2017.