A Long Myth Winter (Solo) [beta]

by Sword Ring

I had nothing to do with this plugin, which was apparently created by Zeph in 2006. Just uploading for posterity, as they say. It's pretty innovative, definitely not your dad's Myth map. Has some fairly unique gameplay for 2006. Uses the Snow Creek color map, so it'll trigger the Magma/Jon God detail texture.

This was specified as Beta, but feels pretty complete.

Small snip from the Read Me:

"Five peasants are held captive! Find them and free them! A Myth-based RPG where you control 4 berserks and have to rescue the missing peasants. Includes real leveling up, a shop---yes, a shop---where you can buy stuff, and lots of enemies to kill. You can also kill deers and cook your food over the fire. :)"